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Are you looking to hire a web design company in Kelowna, but not sure what platform to build your new website on? In this article we’re going to explore why WordPress is among the best content management systems out there, and why over 40% of websites on the internet today are powered by WordPress.

Built-In SEO Tools

It comes to no surprise that the majority of website traffic comes through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Competing in the search engines with your companies competitors is always tough, so using a CMS that gives you an advantage is the best thing you can do when building a new website. Google and other search engines have predefined parameters when it comes to indexing and increasing the rank of a website, and WordPress handles these perfectly.

Just a default install of WordPress gives you a great advantage when it comes to on-page optimization. It takes care of the most important elements of your website, like:

  • HTML Markup – HTML Markup helps search engines comprehend your website’s layout and format much more easily. This goes especially for some of the newer HTML5 themes, as they’re more notable for users, as well as search engine crawlers.
  • Content Creation – Your website’s content is one of the most important aspects of your website when it comes to SEO. WordPress originally started out as a blogging platform, and that functionality is still there today. This makes it the most ideal CMS for creating content for your website, such as: blog posts or articles, media/video, news, and more.
  • SEO Friendly Permalinks – Permalinks (or Permanent Links) are best used when they contain the key term you are trying to focus on for that particular page or article, and WordPress makes it so easy to customize them. Instead of just using the page ID, you’re able to have an all text URL (just be careful not to make it too long).
  • Image optimization and tags – The images throughout your website are critical when trying to move up in the search engines. The image editor in WordPress allows you to set the alt tag, image desciption, caption, and even crop your photo in just a few easy steps.

These are just a few of the many SEO tools that WordPress offers, and most of the SEO plugins are free!

kelowna web design

User-Friendly Customization

As mentioned above, WordPress is currently being used by millions of companies worldwide. But did you know that there are some that weren’t even built by a web design company in Kelowna? This is because WordPress has a very user-friendly interface, functions, and options. Basically anyone can build a website with WordPress, and this is due to the gigantic library of pre-built themes, plugins, and tools. The combined tools can help anyone create a beautiful modern website.

WordPress also makes it very easy for you to manage your website once it is live. as they are always rolling out theme updates, plugin updates, new tools, and much more.

Endless library of themes and plugins

WordPress comes loaded with a vast library of pre-built themes made by professional WordPress developers, that are both free and paid. All of these themes come fully responsive (meaning they will work on all devices, with minor tweaks needed), and are also SEO friendly. You can even find themes based on your company type or needs.

Just like with themes, WordPress has millions of free and paid plugins available, unlike most other content management systems. These plugins are a great and easy way to add more functionality and SEO performance to your website. Some of the more popular plugins are: Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Wordfence Security, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and much more.

The developers of most themes and plugins are also very active and release new bug patches and versions to keep their themes and plugins up to date and secure.

kelowna web design

Responsive Themes

Every year more and more people are using mobile devices, and the majority of websites these days are viewed solely on mobile. But believe it or not, there is a large number of websites that are not mobile friendly. But almost all WordPress themes these days are responsive and mobile friendly.

From the design of the website to image and text scaling, as long as you’re using a responsive WordPress theme, all of these critical features will be built in with no additional coding required. These features help both the user and all search engines explore your website on any device and have a great experience while they’re there.

Lastly and most importantly, Google has now prioritized website’s that are responsive and mobile friendly, so if you want to show up in the search engines at all then you’ll need a responsive theme.

Website Security

Even though there are millions of WordPress websites out there, most of them remain quite secure. Dont’ get me wrong, there are always ways for hackers to get into a website with a user login area (this can happen to anyCMS), but WordPress is always releasing new security patches and updates to protect your website, theme, and plugins.

By updating your WordPress verion, theme version, and plugins when necessary, you lower the risk of your website becoming vulnerable to attack. Some website hosts update these things automatically, so it’s important to look into that because if they don’t you’ll make to make sure you’re always checking for updates.

When it comes to automatic updates, you’ll want to browse your website and click on anything and everything to make sure the website is still functioning. Some themes and plugins may not work with newer versions of WordPress, or they may have conflicting javascript that causes something to break. This is not normally the case, but I always like to warn people about this. Many web design companies in Kelowna and all around BC can help you with any issues that may arise from WordPress updates.

That about sums up this article, and I hope that if you’re considering a CMS when speaking with a web design company in Kelowna, Kamloops, Vancouver, or anywhere really… that you will request WordPress. It will be the best decision you’ll make for your business. For more information about this or a free quote on a website, contact us today!

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